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Banana Belt Tournament


66th Annual Banana Belt Invitational
May 1st through June 27th, 2020

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Banana Belt Invitational

65th Annual Banana Belt Invitational

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"Thank you for participating in this years Banana Belt!"

Dear Banana Belt Bowlers:

The tournament and building staff would like to express our appreciation in your participation of the 65th Annual Banana Belt Invitational. We want to thank everyone for making this year a great success. We again have already had bowlers want to reserve their spots for 2019. It is the returning bowlers and the stories of the great fun that  everyone had during the tournament that you take back to your towns and associations that will make this tournament grow larger and better than 2018 & years past.

If you have any comments or questions regarding the 2018 Banana Belt Invitational, please feel free to contact Lance or myself at Lancer Lanes 1250 Bridge St. Clarkston, Wa. 99403 or via the web at or Facebook.

A copy of the 65th Annual Banana Belt Invitational standings can be obtained from the web site or contacting us.

65th Annual Banana Belt Invitational FINAL Results are here!