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Lancer Lanes Fund Raising Program cannot only be fun for participants, but can be highly beneficial for your organization as well.  The solutions to raising money for your organization are endless.

Below are three fun ways to achieve your goal.

THE 50/50 PARTY:

Great for schools, little leaguers, PTA's and school groups, the 50/50 party is easy to implement and makes for a smooth organizational event.  Just sell tickets to a customized bowling event.  You can include bowling, food and beverage or any element you wish.

For each ticket you sell, you get to keep half of it.  Suppose your organization sold 100 tickets at $20 each, your share of these proceeds would be $1,000.  For those people who buy tickets, but are unable to come to the event, your organization would keep all $20.


Your group or organization would purchase a lane for using during a specific period of time (i.e. 3 hours).  Lane rentals vary based on day, time and season.  Suppose you rented 10 lanes for $100 per lane.  If you recruited 50 people (5 people per lane) to contribute $50 each, your organization would net $1,500.


Every person who attends the bowling fundraiser would obtain pledges based upon the number of pins knocked down by the person during the event.  For example, if a person knocked down 500 pins and recruited 10 people to pledge 10 cents per pin, then that ONE participant would have received pledges for $500.  Imagine what 50 participants could raise!

So have your next fundraiser at Lancer Lanes where it's a full house of fun!

Please don't hesitate on contacting us further with any questions.